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the mtc & SCC 50/150


benefitting the msa coalition

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The MTC & SCC 50 / 150 is a 50-mile group run as well as a 150-mile group ride, happening in parallel, to benefit the MSA Coalition.  These events are not races, rather, adventures that welcome all skill levels.  We will be broadcasting these events live, and welcome all runners and cyclists to create their own adventure, whether it be physically on course, or virtually on a course of your choice.  The important piece is that you challenge yourself, and celebrate your ability to move.  We aren't here to determine what your challenge is, it could be a .5mi walk, it could be a 100mi bike ride, we're just here to encourage you to accomplish your goal!

By now, you're probably asking yourself what MSA is, and why MTC & SCC are putting this on. First off, MSA (multiple systems atrophy) is a rare neurodegenerative disease with no known cure that, among other things, slowly robs you of your ability to move.  Secondly, we're focused on this charity as someone close to members of both clubs was diagnosed with it a number of years ago.  This individual, Debbie Dailey, continues to fight her battle daily and uses forward motion to counteract the loss of motor skills.  Given the rarity of this disease, not much is known about the cause, nor is there a cure in sight.  It's our hope that we can make an impact on the lives of the 40,000 people that have been diagnosed with this disease, as well as those that experience it in the future.

We looking forward to experiencing this journey with you, and we appreciate your support.  DONATE HERE

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