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The Meshingomesia (Mesh-In-Go-Mish-Uh) Track Club, often fondly referred to as MTC or MeshTC, proudly stands at the intersection of passion and camaraderie, a beacon for running enthusiasts from all walks of life. Born in Grant County, IN, we are now deeply rooted in the running communities we serve, aiming to inspire and enable everyone to reach their own version of 'epic'.

With MTC, you're not just another runner; you're becoming part of a dynamic community that celebrates every stride you take toward your goals. Whether you're harnessing an adrenaline rush during one of our events, or seeking companionship for those quiet, invigorating runs through serene landscapes, we're right there with you.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of running and that it's a journey best shared. MTC isn't just about reaching finish lines, but about the bonds forged and the unforgettable moments created along the way. So come, run with us – we're ready when you are!

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