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TJ dailey & Christi Dee

Failure is not an option, it's a building block

You've probably guessed by now that I started my running career later in life, beginning with a Marathon at the age of 28 in 2007.  Like a lot of  runners, I had taken on this challenge with the expectation of completing the distance and hanging my shoes up, so that's exactly what I did, until May of 2012.

The reason I began running again, aligns heavily with the reason that the Meshingomesia Track Club exists, I love providing support.  I came back in 2012, 70lbs over my racing weight, to run my brothers 1st marathon with him and it never stopped.  Since that point in time I've logged over 20,000 miles, welcomed 2 beautiful daughters and a son into the world (with my wife Tara).  Of course, what's life without balance ?  It's about more than running, it's about sustainability and balance, and that is what I strive to provide.  I currently maintain (what I believe to be) a pretty healthy family & social life on top of a career that has me on the road 200+ days a year.

I've been lucky to experience some amazing things as I've explored what running has to offer, and I'd love for you to live out the vision and goals you have for yourself.  The one thing that I close with, is that I am not here to limit you, I am not here to give you a magic pill or tell you what to do.  I am here to provide guidance and to collaborate with you on a plan to reach your goals and dreams (some of which you may not even be aware of at this point).

Marathon Personal Bests
  • 2023 Rock N' Roll Arizona Marathon - 2:48:54

  • 2023 Boston Marathon - 2:50:03

  • Boston Marathon Qualifier & Participant  2017-2022

Ultra Marathon Personal Bests
  • 2013 Lean Horse 100 - 3rd Place - 19:56

  • 2015 Last Annual Vol State 500k - 2nd Plc AG 161:29:38

  • 2013 Frisco RR 50mi - 2nd Place AG - 7:56:00

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